1. During treatment procedures and lessons, keep silence and order
  2. Observe a culture of behavior.
  3. Show respect and care for the younger ones.

In the case of a gross violation of the rules of conduct and safety precautions (2 comments) by the decision of the medical and pedagogical council, the traveler goes home. This violation is reported to the children’s clinic at the place of residence.

  1. Contraindicated:To leave the territory of the sanatorium without educators.
  2. Go down to the basement.
  3. Go to the balcony, as well as climb from the balcony to the balcony.
  4. Going to the store unaccompanied by educators.
  5. Buy alcohol, cigarettes, colored water, seeds, cream cakes, sausages. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol.
  6. During excursions and trips to the store, strictly follow the rules of the road, you can not break away from the group.
  7. Make contact with the city guys and take them to the sanatorium.
  8. Use household electrical appliances (boiler, kettle, iron).
  9. To use medications brought from home without consulting the pediatrician of the sanatorium.
  10. Keep stitching and cutting objects.
  11. Girls go into boys ‘rooms, and boys go into girls’ rooms.
  12. Go to relatives without a statement and unaccompanied by adults.
  13. Leaving home without accompanying persons.
  14. To spoil the property of the sanatorium. It is forbidden to write on walls, wallpapers, desks, chairs, etc. In case of damage to property, the parents of the vacationer are obliged to compensate for material damage.
  15. Skip self-study classes for no good reason. If the treatment time coincides with the time of study, warn teachers about this.
  16. It is forbidden to break the regime of the day (a quiet hour from 1400 – 1600 hours, hang-up at 2100 hours in the winter, at 2200 hours – in the summer).
  17. Climb trees, break shrubs, walk on lawns.
  18. To pollute the territory, dump garbage from the balconies.