Basic information about the medical organization

Children's health is the fundamental basis for building the potential for adult health, is an important indicator of the country's well-being and a factor of national security.

The multidisciplinary sanatorium "Ural" is located on the border of the Eurasian continent, in the picturesque part of the Southern Urals.

The year-round sanatorium "Ural" was founded in 2000, has the status of a Republican diversified health-improving institution.

In the healing process, natural healing factors are used: climatic, mud.

The age contingent of children is from 7 to 14 years. Duration of arrival - 21 days. Total races: 15. The schedule of races is made taking into account the state task, current and overhaul. The mode in the sanatorium is developed taking into account medical procedures, rest, meals, self-study and entertainment.

The list of medical services


No. Name of service Bed Cost
Stay days Cost of stay (rub.)
1 Sanatorium-resort treatment 1120 21 23520
2 Sanatorium-resort treatment 1120 18 20160
3 Sanatorium-resort treatment (For orphans and children left without parental care) 975 21 20475
4 Accommodation (For persons staying in a sanatorium on the basis of a boarding house) 500 x
5 Meals (For persons staying in a sanatorium on a boarding house basis) 450 x
6 Medical services (For persons purchasing a ticket in full) 587,49 14 8224,86

The algorithm of applying to the children's sanatorium "Ural" for a foreign patient

Foreign citizen goes to the reception of a children's sanatorium

Reception directs a foreign citizen to a specialist doctor (manager)

The specialist doctor (manager) determines the types of treatment, gives a preliminary assessment of the necessary services

Foreign citizen pays for necessary accounting services

A foreign citizen is registered with a medical registrar for inpatient treatment in a sanatorium

Contact Information

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+7 (34791) 6-05-99