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On October 17, 2019, a pedagogical council on the topic: “Modern approaches to organizing leisure activities in a children’s sanatorium” was held at the State Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Republic of Belarus Ural.

At present, much attention is paid to the organization of leisure in the sanatorium-improving sphere, since the recreation process involves the restoration of strength, replenishment of psychoemotional and physical resources not only due to the health-improving capabilities of the sanatorium, but also by relieving tension during recreational activities. Senior tutor Ishkildina L.G. She emphasized: “Today, unfortunately, we must state that not all children can relax. The organization of substantial leisure in order to form an aesthetic taste among the younger generations and the desire for self-improvement is one of the leading tasks of our sanatorium. Today, a computer, a smartphone more and more replaces live communication for our children. Therefore, it is especially important to educate patients about the need for a reasonably organized leisure, using a variety of techniques to form a positive attitude of children to what the sanatorium offers them. The most common forms of organizing the cultural and leisure activities of children in our sanatorium are: clubs, contests, competitive gaming programs; thematic programs; intellectual cognitive games; Trivia cultural and sports programs; music and entertainment events; the holidays.
And our task is to do everything so that the leisure of children and adolescents becomes interesting (especially to them), diverse. For this, we, educators, need to develop, improve our professional work, be interesting for children.


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